Richard M. Chapman

Assistant Professor of History

Concordia College

901 S. Eighth Street
Moorhead, MN 56562

Department of History

322 Old Main

Educational background:

Bethel College, B.A., 1979, history, philosophy, Greek
University of Minnesota, Ph.D., U.S. history, 1993
Areas of interest: US social history, social welfare, religion and philanthropy, women, African Americans, Jewish Americans; Latin American history
Dissertation: "To Do These Mitzvahs": Jewish Philanthropy and Communal Service in Minneapolis, 1900-1950

Spring Semester 2000
Office Hours: M/W/F 8:30-9:30 Th 2:30-4:30 and by appointment.

Spring course schedule:

Principia 101 MWF 11:50-1 Main 431
History 410 MWF 1:20-2:30 Main 432
History 320 T/TH 12:50-2:30 Main 301

Courses taught regularly:
History 111Q--United States History to 1865
History 112Q--United States History Since 1865
History 320--Latin American History
History 410--Research Seminar
Principia 101--Introduction to the Liberal Arts: Examined Life

Other courses taught:
History 410--Research Seminar
Humanities 201D--Introduction to Humanities: Charity and Philanthropy
History 313X--African-American History
Women's Studies 201--Introduction to Women's Studies

History 320 Calendar Spring 2000

Key to readings: A = Allende novel; B = Burns reader; C/C = Clayton and Conniff text

Jan 4 Course introduction; exercises:  mapping and stereotypes of Latin
America; vhs: “The Incas Remembered”
Jan 6 Colonization (C/C, Prologue; B, 1-19, 140-146)

Jan 11 No class
Jan 13 The Colonial Heritage—land and labor in the colonies (B, ch. 2)
Sources of Independence (C/C, chs. 1, 2)

Jan 18 Independence Movements (C/C, chs. 3, 4; B, 52-59, 68-75)
Jan 20 Caudillos (C/C, ch. 5; B, 63-68); JOURNAL REVIEW ASSIGNMENT

Jan 25 Progress, Liberalism, and the Church (C/C, chs. 6, 7; B, 76-90)
Jan 27 Nation-Building: Mexico and Central America (C/C, ch. 8; B, 90-94; 96-99, 107-110)

Feb 1 Nation-Building: South America (C/C, ch. 9; B, 94-96, 99-105)
Feb 3 Class canceled for conference

Feb 8 United States, Dependency, and Latin American Development (C/C, ch. 11; B, 110-116, 147-172)
Feb 10 Elites, masses, and populism (C/C, 241-247, ch. 12)

Feb 15 Race and Society: Brazil and Peru (C/C, ch. 14; B, 116-123, 134-139)
Feb 17 Early Revolutionary Societies (C/C, ch. 15; B, 207-229)

Feb 22 Latin America in the World: Depression and War (C/C, chs. 16, 18; B, 172-179)
Feb 24 Art and Literature as History  (C/C, ch. 10; B, 180-206); Precis/bibliography due

Feb. 26 - March 5    Mid-Semester Break

Mar 7 Populism (C/C, ch. 19)
Mar 9 Case Study: Mexico (C/C, ch. 20; B, 125-134)

Mar 14 United States and Revolution in Central America (C/C, ch. 22; B, 254-279)
Mar 16 The Revolutionary Option: Cuba (C/C, ch. 23; B, 229-254)

Mar 21 Bureaucratic Authoritarianism (C/C, ch. 24)
Mar 23 Women and the Family in Latin America (C/C, ch. 17; A, chs. 1-4)

Mar 28 Gender, Authority and Politics (A, chs. 5-10)
Mar 30 Bureaucratic Authoritarianism in Chile (A, chs. 11-epilogue)

Apr 4 Recent Issues (C/C, ch. 25; B, ch. 8, selections)
Apr 6 Principios Conference at MSU (6-8 April, Principios: Bringing the Pieces Together, details forthcoming)

Apr 11 Comparing conference notes
Apr 13 Future Prospects (C/C, ch. 26; B, ch. 8 selections)

Apr 18 Paper presentations
Apr 20 Maundy Thursday dinner hosted @ Chapman’s house

Apr 28 Final papers due @ 1pm.

Principia 101 Calendar Spring 2000

Jan 5  Introduction to Principia and each other; “The Cave” (VHS)
Jan 7  What is an Educated Person? AGENDA, “Goals for Student Academic Life,” (PA)

Jan 9 or 10 (Sunday or Monday) Attend showing of Ingmar Bergman’s “Seventh Seal” in Science 212S, 7-9pm.  Attendance is required.

Jan 10 Book of Job chapters 1-21
Jan 12 Discussion of Seventh Seal/Job; Cunningham, “Let us Pray,” (PA)
Jan 14 Principia lecture on Northern Ireland, Dean Danielson and Dawn Duncan, Knutson Centrum, 9:20 am, and Peace Prize Forum preview.  Regular class canceled.

Jan 17 Book of Job chapters 38-42
Jan 19 Plato, "Euthyphro"
Jan 21 Plato, “Euthyphro”

Jan 24 Plato, “Apology”
Jan 26 Plato, “Apology”
Jan 28 "Western Tradition: Early Christianity and the Rise of the Church" (vhs)

Jan 31 Augustine, Confessions, Books 1-3
Feb 2 Augustine, Confessions, Books 4-6
Feb 4 class canceled (Daedalus conference)--work on Spiritual Autobiography

Feb 7 Augustine, Confessions, Books 7-9
Feb 9 Augustine, Confessions, Books 11 and 12
Feb 11 Alice Walker, “In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens” (PA); Paper 1 due (Spiritual    Autobiography)

Feb 14 Life Stances, University Print Images
Feb 16 Life Stances, University Print Images;  David Summers, “Maniera and Movement”
Feb 18 class canceled -- Peace Prize Forum, St. Olaf, Northfield

Feb 21 Self-portraits: presentations
Feb 23 Elizabeth Cady Stanton, “Solitude of Self” and “Declaration of Sentiments” (PA)
 “One Woman, One Vote” (VHS)
Feb 25 WEB DuBois, “Of Our Spiritual Strivings”

February 26-March 5 Midsemester Break

Mar 6 Barbara Ehrenreich, “On (not) Getting by in America”**
Mar 8 Morrison, part one**
Mar 10 Morrison, part two**

Mar 13 Sula continued/Olsen, “I Stand Here Ironing” (PA)**
Mar 15 Sula continued/Cunningham, “Pure Evil” (PA)**
Mar 17 Potok, book one**

Mar 20 Potok, book two**
Mar 22 Potok, book three**
Mar 24 Class canceled Paper 2 due (Self and Community)

Mar 27 Descartes, Discourse on Method, Parts 1-3**
Mar 29 Descartes, Discourse on Method, Part 4; Workshop: mind-body experiments
Mar 31 Augustine, Confessions, Book 10, “Memory”**

Apr 3 Damasio, preface & chapters 1-2; “The Brain: Stress and Emotion” (VHS)**
Apr 5 Damasio, chapters 10-11 and postscriptum**
Apr 7 Sternberg and Gold, “The Mind-Body Interaction in Disease”**

Apr 10 Group experiments: presentations
Apr 12 Synthesis—surveys and final paper; Cronon, “Only Connect”
Apr 14 Final presentations

Apr 17 Final presentations
Apr 19 Final presentations

April 21-24 Easter Vacation

Apr 27  Final paper due @ 1pm as scheduled by registrar.

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