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The experimental run 11027B (d,n studies using MONA-LISA and VANDLE) has been completed at the NSCL. More...

The article "First Observation of the 13Li Ground State" was publishedin PRC. More...

The Annual Beaver Island Meeting begins. Faculty and students gather to discuss the the status of data analysis and publication and plan for future experiments. More...





The MoNA Collaboration was formed in 2001 to construct and operate MoNA, (the Modular Neutron Array), a large-area high efficiency neutron detector housed at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, NSCL. The detector was designed and built by the collaboration which consists primarily of undergraduate institutions and Michigan State Universitiy. Working with NSCL and with support from the National Science Foundation the MoNA detector construction was completed in 2002. Much of the construction and testing was done by undergraduates.

Students hooking up MoNA in the vault

The MoNA Collaboration continues to support undergraduates as significant participants in data taking and analysis on a variety of experiments. In addition with the help of undergraduates the Collaboration recently constructed a new detector - the Large muli-Institutional Scintillator Array (LISA) - used in conjunction with MoNA at the NSCL to explore nuclei along the neutron dripline.

The following pages provide more information on the collaboration and the detectors:

  1. Detector Information: Details of the construction and capabilities of MoNA, LISA, and the Sweeper Magnet.
  2. News & Publications: Current news, publications, presentations, grants and theses relating to the MoNA Collaboration's work.
  3. Manuals: Presentations and technical manuals relating to the operation of MoNA and LISA and analysis of data.
  4. Collaborators: A list of the members of the Collaboration and links to additional information about them.
  5. Proposals: Information on how to propose experiments using the MoNA/LISA detectors.
  6. Photo Gallery: A collection images of the various aspects of the Collaboration's work.

The most recent full report on the Mona Collaboration can be found in the MoNA Annual Report.

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