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At the heart of Concordia’s biology department are the interactions our students have with their professors. Whether examining muscle types on human cadavers, or seeing the effects of nutrient increase in Lake Winnipeg, our students not only learn about biology in the classroom, they have real-world experiences with professors that broaden their understanding of biology.

 Our biology department is also the gateway for students who wish to enter the health professions. Our health professions program regularly helps place two-dozen students in medical schools, and others in dental, veterinary, or other health-related programs annually. About 40 percent of biology graduates go on to medical or graduate school.

 The great success rate for students who continue their education is due in part to research. Students have the opportunity to work with their professors in research projects ranging from using molecular techniques to determine the effects of prairie fragmentation on prairie mound-building ants and using rats as models to understand the effects of diabetes on blood vessels.

 Our number one goal is to train scientists by doing science.

 Concordia offers the following majors in biology:

  • Major in biology
  • Major in biology education

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